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A customer-centric approach to uncovering brand truth.

We help clients appreciate their unique strengths, find where they fit in the competitive market, define a distinctive position for each of their brands and begin the naming and messaging architectures that create clarity, drive distinction and produce genuine business results.

Conventional brand strategy routinely uses a one-size-fits-all method in which research feels like a check on creativity, or vice versa. We believe there’s a better way. We use client co-creation at the core of our creative process, where clients’ needs and desires inspire and polish vibrant brands that will engage your customers and drive your business forward.


Every branding project goes through a discovery stage which results in a creative brief. By fully diving into your current brand, we can help assess what’s working & not working so we know what to build from. For new brands, we’ll help you explore what kind of company you’re trying to build and go from there.


The brand name is key to its identity. There are multiple approaches that can be taken, from an explicit, descriptive name to a word that’s totally made up. As your partners in naming, we’ll walk through the options and assess what structure (and ultimately, what name) will best resonate with your audience.


The brand platform informs the identity, communication, and visual execution for the brand. This is the foundation on which the brand is built.



The messaging architecture defines all copy and communication for the brand. It will build on the brand platform by putting specific language to the differentiators of who you are, what you do, and why you matter.


Once the brand has a clear direction, it’s time to make sure that visual expression of the brand matches. We’ll work with you on defining the visual identity of your brand – from the logo itself to the colors and typefaces used throughout all your touchpoints.


Brand experience is no longer related just to a logo in the top left corner of a letterhead. Brands are experienced and interacted with in signage, advertising, online, in store, etc. By planning how that brand is experienced at each touchpoint, we can ensure a seamless experience for your customers.


It’s one thing to have a rough demographic in mind for your audience. It’s another entirely have distinct personas that you want to target. Developing personas can give you immeasurable insight into your audience and their interests and motivations.

The foundation of a great idea is a clear vision of success. We are passionate about finding and creating the heartbeat of exciting new digital ideas. We are experts at analyzing the competition and finding a unique brand narrative for each of our client partners.

Whether it’s for a product, a service, or anything in-between, we pride ourselves on creating an emotionally-driven consumer-brand relationship for our clients that is fine-tuned to be honest, relevant, and unforgettable.


We refine brands to redefine their relevance.

Rogue Point helps brands to distinguish themselves from hordes of similar products and enterprises, and to develop emotional relationships with their target audiences. We achieve this collectively through wide-ranging internal review, competitive landscape exploration, and a systematic process of message elevation.

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